E-Reputation Defense

We are pioneers in the emerging area of e-reputation defense. This evolving practice is the most effective response to the unchecked proliferation of personal data via the Internet, information that is susceptible to error and manipulation in the service of political or private agendas.  

Search engines and specialized databases such as World-Check and Factiva have been known to wrongly tarnish individuals and organizations as criminal offenders. Top banks seeking to uncover hidden risks purchase these adverse profiles and use them to justify account closures and blacklisting. When false information appears in a client’s profile, we intervene with demands for corrective action.  

Our insider knowledge of the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files helps ensure the processing of clients’ personal data in compliance with regulations. We have successfully challenged a number of INTERPOL Red Notices on behalf of clients in cases that were politically motivated on the part of the requesting country, or that arose from civil, rather than criminal, disputes.  For these clients we seek access to all INTERPOL personal data and secure their correction/deletion, thus protecting our clients from reputational damage and criminal jeopardy.

 We also represent clients in related liability actions and claims for damages.